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CORMETECH’s wide array of products and services can accelerate and optimize your environmental solutions with a multifaceted approach providing industry tested and proven results.

Catalyst Characterization

CORMETECH’s lab can provide characterization of complex transient reactions or simply an evaluation of the parametric performance of an individual element. CORMETECH offers a wide number and variety of testing platforms and analytical techniques. CORMETECH can execute to your defined protocols or assist in new protocol development. In all cases, we assure high quality, repeatable data accuracy that delivers robust system performance characterization. CORMETECH’s testing experience includes catalytic performance characterization of technologies such as Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filters, Diesel Oxidation Catalysts, Ammonia Slip Catalysts, and Selective Catalytic Reduction for stationary, marine and mobile applications.

Testing Laboratories Equipment & Analytical Techniques

CORMETECH maintains a full service, state-of-the-art laboratory that is ISO 9001 certified. CORMETECH’s in-house laboratories are used for catalyst testing and analysis to determine catalyst performance characterization, service life, and overall system optimization.

The following represents part of the comprehensive equipment, testing techniques and capabilities available for a wide variety of characterizations.

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Catalyst Design and Manufacturing

CORMETECH manufactures homogeneous titania-based ceramic honeycomb SCR catalysts. Our highly engineered catalysts are used on boilers, turbines, industrial chemical processes, refinery applications and IC engines (stationary and marine applications). CORMETECH's catalyst formulation and cell pitch are customized for each application, and include performance features for DeNOx, ammonia slip control, Hg oxidation, CO and VOC oxidation. CORMETECH has the leading worldwide installed SCR catalyst base operating in more than 1,500 SCR systems and totaling over 140,000 MW of generating capacity.

Substrate Development & Manufacturing

Titania processing technology is utilized to provide extremely high surface area substrate supports which coupled with CORMETECH’s distinctive manufacturing process of high open area catalyst enables clients to optimize their catalyst activity, performance and system design to meet key strategic challenges. CORMETECH substrates can be utilized for a wide array of industry applications including natural gas and coal power, refineries, chemical processes, marine engines, stationary diesel engines and hydrogen production, as well as a variety of other applications.

Field Service

CORMETECH’s catalyst management services encompass the life cycle of your Catalyst. CORMETECH’s field service engineers provide a wide array of field service capability from catalyst system assessment and optimization, to maintenance and cleaning, to full turnkey installations.

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