Over the past 40 years, we have evolved from a captive engine manufacturer to an established and important market player. Today, we offer a complete engine portfolio for various needs and applications. It ranges from 4- and 6-cylinder in-line engines through to the large V-type engines ofup to 20 cylinder. Our diesel engines cover a wide power range from 120 kW to 4,500 kW, whereas our gas engines range from 145 kW to 1,060 kW.

Our extensive expertise in various industries, decades of knowledge as an engine manufacturer as well as close collaboration with our partners, enable us to understand and to answer all your needs - whatever your industry requirements may be. From our construction and industry origins to mining, from power generation to the immensity of the oceans, our powerful, robust and reliable combustion engines will meet your needs.

Gas Engine Portfolio

Our gas engines are exclusively designed and manufactured in Bulle, Switzerland. Available in various configurations from 4-cylinder in-line engines up to 20-cylinder v-engines. Their performance spectrum covers a mechanical output range of 145 kW to 1,060 kW for 50 Hz applications. Our gas engines are designed for stationary applications, such as combined heat and power generation fueled with biogas or natural gas.

Diesel Engine Portfolio

Our diesel engines are designed and manufactured at both our production sites in Switzerland and in France and cover a power range from 120 kW to 4,500 kW. They have been specifically developed for use in off-road applications. They perfectly suit the toughest environmental conditions and are therefore, ideal for a large variety of industries and applications.

Emission Standards

Diesel engines from Liebherr preserve the environment and resources thanks to their low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Liebherr offers exhaust gas aftertreatment systems that are adapted to the application and to legislative requirements applicable in each region respectively.

Modularity is at the core of Liebherr’s diesel engines development: each engine exists as a base version. It can be equipped with different exhaust gas aftertreatment systems to meet the required emission standards, including the most stringent global requirements. For Tier 4 final, Liebherr relies fully on an innovative SCR only system, and for Stage V on the SCRFilter system, both in-house developments. The guiding principles being: compactness and a low TCO for the end customer. This means, that OEMs only require one machine design to comply with all relevant industry standards and norms.

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