Through our network of testing labs, investments in technology, the use of flexible equipment, and our team of experienced transportation testing experts, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to create accelerated lab-based testing methods that support shorter product life-cycles in order to bring products to market quickly, safely and efficiently.

While our testing services group is able to provide localized support, we are backed by a global leader that serves a variety of industries with over 1,800 labs and 85,000 employees. As a result, our testing services group is always looking for opportunities to grow our service offering and footprint of transportation focused testing labs to better serve our customer base.

SGS is the world’s leading testing, inspection, certification and verification company.

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Engine & Vehicle Testing

With the ability to control for variable temperatures, altitude and other environmental conditions, our teams are able to assist with a wide variety of mechanical development and regulatory testing for anything from the smallest engine and vehicle to the largest.

  • High feature test cells
  • Engine, AWD and 2WD chassis dynamometer
  • Detroit-based driverless mileage accumulation facility
  • Gasoline, diesel, CNG, specialty fuels and EV/HEV capabilities
  • Extreme altitude simulation
  • Variable environmental temperatures
  • Exhaust and evaporative emissions
  • Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS)
  • Certification and regulatory testing
  • IUVP and vehicle procurement
  • Development, durability and validation testing

Capabilities Spotlight—Large Format Cold Testing
Rapid product development cycles depend on plannable work. Waiting for the weather to diagnose or validate a product feature adds uncertainty to development programs, while working in weather can be inconvenient and dangerous. SGS’s expansive climate center in Columbus, IN offers a controlled environment that removes technical, cost, and measurement uncertainty from your development program.

  • Large format cold testing capable of continuous running rated conditions on 2000 BHP engines at -20˚F
  • Two 40’×60’×20’ chambers which can be combined to support running rated conditions on 4000 BHP engines
  • Can be used for: cold start for engines and vehicles, cold performance, thermal performance profiling, cold mechanical development, thermal modeling verification, current product troubleshooting, cold procedure verification and thermal protection and enhancement testing
  • Test anything from large vehicles, generator sets, machinery, engines and equipment to multiple light duty vehicles, equipment and engines

Component Testing

We specialize in a wide variety of component testing from fuel systems and shock absorbers to catalysts. Able to test in the most extreme temperatures with repeatable results, SGS serves a wide range of industries and suppliers including automotive, marine, hand-held, aerospace, military, off-road, agriculture, construction, HVAC and more.

  • High-flow servo-hydraulic testing
  • Low and high-load electrodynamic vibration testing
  • Burner-based thermal exhaust exposure testing
  • Environmental conditioning, simulation and thermal shock testing
  • Hot, cold and humidity capable chambers
  • Catalyst aging with gasoline, diesel or natural gas
  • Fuel system and component evaporative emissions
  • Certification and regulatory testing
  • Fuel pump and module durability testing
  • Canister loading and conditioning
  • Gasoline, diesel and DEF fill tests
  • Tank slosh and noise testing

Test Cell Solutions

Our test cell experts focus solely on designing, building and operating testing environments for the transportation industry and are ready to build a custom test cell that meets your needs. Our industry experts can also customize our testing software for your use as well as manufacture testing equipment for your in-house testing facility.

  • Complete facility planning and management
  • Modular and fixed test cells
  • Specification and design development
  • Vendor qualification and selection support
  • Equipment selection, design and fabrication
  • Customized test equipment
  • Construction administration and owners’ representative
  • Commissioning and performance validation
  • Burner manufacturing
  • Test cell altitude simulation system
  • Driver aid and test event schedule software
  • Emissions cell control system software
  • Data acquisition and control software
  • Post test analysis software

Services & Support

From managing your testing program and designing experiments, to operating designated testing facilities on behalf of our customers, our industry experts are available to support your testing programs in a variety of ways.

  • Project management and consulting
  • Research and development
  • Test procedure development
  • US and European certification program support and homologation
  • Control system calibration and development
  • Design of experiments
  • Data and statistical analysis
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Dedicated lab operations and staffing

Transportation Analytics

Our team of data analytics experts equipped with deep transportation industry knowledge can look at your data from a different perspective. Whether it’s trending testing data to pin point areas of developmental improvement, or taking disparate data sets to uncover insights you hadn’t even thought of, we can build a custom solution for you.

  • Drive route analytics
  • Design of experiments and statistical analysis
  • On-road vehicle test program analytics for improved reliability
  • Remote monitoring of industrial equipment
  • Machine learning for in-use failure prediction and detection
  • Warranty cost avoidance
  • Test program cost reduction
  • Consulting services for data science and IT systems
  • Customer designed analytics solutions
  • Evaluation and independent verification

Contact Us to Discuss Your Testing Program

Send us an email at with your contact information and your testing program needs, and we will connect you with the appropriate SGS representative. If you would like to reach out to by phone, call 248-824-5992. Please see our lab directory below.

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Test Cell Solutions, Software & Variable Horsepower Engine & Vehicle Testing

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