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Trunett is a Chinese based manufacturing and technology company operating in global markets, who produces advanced emission control catalysts & systems for stationary and mobile diesel engines.

Founded in 2002, Trunett has been committed to the development of proprietary catalyst formulations and production processes as well as purification systems for exhaust emission reductions of diesel engines, Trunett’s product offering includes Diesel oxidation catalysts, Catalyzed diesel particulate filters and SCR catalysts for OEM, Retrofit and Aftermarket applications.

Trunett has fully equipped R&D laboratory for catalyst development and performance evaluation, as well as capability of mass catalyst production & system integration.

Soot Filter System for Gensets

Soot Filter System for Retrofit—Off Road

Soot Filter System for Retrofit—On Road



  • Professional catalyst coater & system integrator with 20 years of experience in emission control for diesel engines;
  • Comprehensive system design & manufacturing experiences in Retrofit, 4800+ diesel buses (210-290 hp), 2000+ diesel long-haul container trucks (270-500 hp) and 2000+ diesel construction machines (140-900 hp) in Shanghai only were fitted with Trunett’s soot filter systems in the past 3-5 years;
  • Proprietary catalyst coating formulations & technologies, to ensure the captured soot can be automatically regenerated thoroughly with low temperatures (≥15% operation @220 Celsius OR ≥25% operation @200 Celsius);
  • Long ash-cleaning interval, one year or 100K kilometers for On-Road vehicles & one year or 3,000 operation hours for Off-Road machinery (Euro III or higher regulations engine);
  • Passive regeneration only with the exhaust gas temperatures, negligible maintenance cost or any other operation cost.

Shanghai Municipal Government award 2017 for Trunett’s soot filter system

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