Researchers use TSI particle instruments for engine emissions research around the world. Our products help quantify and analyze particle emissions from light-duty and heavy-duty engines, for both on-road and stationary applications.

TSI products are used in the research and development of advanced internal combustion engines and aftertreatment systems, like diesel particulate filters (DPF) or gasoline particulate filters (GPF). Our particle counters quantify the number concentration of aerosol particles. TSI particle sizers measure the size distribution of exhaust particles.

Our instruments allow measurements at the tailpipe, from the Constant Volume Sampler (CVS), or from other partial flow samplers. TSI’s fast sizer spectrometers may also enable high time resolution mass measurements of engine exhaust particles.

In addition to testing specific vehicles, agencies and researchers use TSI instruments for air quality studies in communities. By driving and deploying our counters and engine fast sizers, they can quantify particle concentrations and size distributions from emissions near streets, freeways, ports, and airports.

Laboratory Engine Emissions Instruments

Real-world Field Emissions Testing

  • Nanoparticle Emission Tester 3795 (NPET) measures nanoparticles in combustion emissions. It is particularly useful for construction machinery, buses, and other vehicles under realistic use conditions.
  • High-Concentration NPET 3795-HC measures upstream and downstream of Diesel or Gasoline Particle Filters, cold start emissions, or biomass combustion emissions.

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