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Linking to DieselNet

You are welcome and encouraged to include a link to the DieselNet Home Page ( on your web pages. If you would like to use a graphic, we recommend one of these DieselNet images. You can copy the image of your choice from this page.

GIF images, 90×30 pixels:

GIF, 140×100 pixels:

If you provided a link from your web site to DieselNet, you can request that a reciprocal link is included in your Business Directory listing by submitting the form below. You have to be listed in the Directory to request a link. If you are not listed you should first submit the listing form.

Note: We reserve the right not to include any link for any reason (e.g. if the page contains controversial or illegal material). All links will be checked for validity on occasion, and may be removed if they cannot be reached.

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