The Engine Technology Forum (ETF) is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization dedicated to promoting a greater awareness and understanding of the benefits of internal combustion engines. ETF is the only organization dedicated solely to promoting and defending a viable future for internal combustion engines in all applications.

Founded in 2023 by members of the Diesel Technology Forum, the Engine Technology Forum is widely recognized, and has credibility with environmental organizations, government regulators, media, and political leaders. ETF is organized to bring together key stakeholders of the internal combustion engine, including advanced diesel technology systems – engines and components, vehicles and equipment, as well as fuels and emissions control technology.

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Does your company have a vested stake in the future for internal combustion engines and fuels? Do you believe there needs to be a positive voice for engines, emissions controls, and fuels in today’s decarbonization debate? Membership in the Forum is open to qualified engine, vehicle or component manufacturers, fuel and fuel-related refiners, or manufacturers of emissions control devices. Membership is on a corporate basis and subject to Board approval.

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