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STT Emtec specialises in products to reduce emissions from diesel engines. The focus is on reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates (PM). Using STT Emtec technology, existing diesel engines can be adapted to current and proposed future emission legislation.

CCT® Active Particulate Filter Technology by STT Emtec AB

For Your Machine and the Environment

The optimal solution allowing operation during particulate filter regeneration. High reduction levels with more than 99 percent of the hazardous particulates (PM), and with more than 90 percent of carbon monoxides (CO) and hydrocarbons removed. The system is manufactured in stainless steel and replaces the existing silencer. CCT® active protects both people and the environment.

More products for emission control

Marine SCR System for Engines up to 650 kW

  • 70-90% NOx reduction
  • Up to 40% PM reduction with a particulate oxidation catalyst option
  • Also suitable for retrofit

This system reduces NOx through selective catalysis with urea as the reduction agent. Compressed air is used to achieve a high degree of urea atomization in the exhaust. This, together with the flow optimized mixer minimizes risk of clogging and guaranties the high level of performance and trouble free operation.

Marine EGR System for Engines up to 2MW

  • 35-45% NOx reduction
  • Operation independent of exhaust gas temperature
  • No extra additives needed
  • A robust and cost-efficient system
  • Also suitable for retrofit, even at sea

DNOx® marine reduces NOx by diluting the charge air with recirculated exhaust gas. A well controlled air and exhaust mixture reduces the peak combustion temperatures and the NOx emissions, while still maintaining engine performance. The DNOx® marine system key features are particulate free and cooled exhaust gas recirculation for trouble free operation. The amount of NOx that is reduced depends on the engine. However, 35 to 40% reduction is a minimum in the ISO 8178 E3 cycle.

STT Emtec Engine Systems

Development of performance enhancement and emission improvement solutions for small and medium sized Diesel and SI engines.

  • Emission upgrades
  • Alternative fuel adaptation
  • Performance enhancements
  • Engine testing and evaluation

Engine Test Laboratory

STT Emtec also offers services in our state of the art engine test laboratory. The testing department has extensive laboratory recourses including three engine test cells with emission measuring equipment and capability of testing everything from heavy duty diesel engines to small gasoline engines. The engine laboratory is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 for EU and US legislative emission tests.

  • Diesel, petrol and alcohol based engine testing
  • In depth engine analysis
  • Engine and system ageing and durability testing
  • Catalyst ageing and durability
  • Emission testing, including heavy duty diesel transient testing

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STT Emtec in Brief

The history of STT Emtec, headquartered in Sundsvall, Sweden, goes back to 1981. Originally involved in land based diesel engine technologies, the vision has always been to establish the company as one of the world leading technology providers in the field of emissions and engine performance systems, many of which have been developed in house. As well as providing after-market systems STT Emtec is a key component supplier to the world’s automotive, marine and industrial engine manufacturers. The move into emission control systems for the maritime sector is a natural progression from the automotive experience. It is obvious that the technologies from STT Emtec will contribute considerably to the shipping industry’s emission reduction efforts.