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Verification of Emission Reduction Technologies

About VERT Association

VERT Association was founded in 1993 (as AKPF) as a non profit organisation under the Swiss law. The VERT Association aims at promoting best available technologies (BAT) for the reduction of emissions from internal combustion engines, with a focus on emissions based on particulate numbers.

An important function of the VERT Association is testing and verification/certification of diesel particulate filters, within the frame of a private organisation comparable to the steam boiler associations of the nineteenth century. Our registered word trademarks include “VERT”, “VERT-DPF” and “VERT-certification”.

The VERT Association has been also active as an advocacy group for the reduction of particulate mass (PM) and particle number (PN) emissions from internal combustion engines and other sources. VERT works together with authorities worldwide in the area of development of clean air policies and programs for new and in-use combustion engines, and engine emission regulations.

VERT Particulate Filter Verification

Testing of Particulate Filter Systems

VERT has developed a particle filter system testing protocol, with several of the testing provisions harmonized with the Swiss standard SN 277206. The VERT approval criteria include a minimum filtration rate for solid particle number emissions between 20 and 300 nm. A minimum, steady-state filtration efficiency between 90 and 98% is required, depending on the engine technology and the state of the filter system (new and aged for 2000 hours). Furthermore, the VERT criteria include PN emission limits during filter regeneration, as well as during free acceleration. The PN filtration efficiency criteria must be met without producing secondary emissions.

VERT Association, through associated laboratories, provides filter testing and verification services for filter system manufacturers. VERT also provides testing services and approvals for filter media, regeneration fuel additives (fuel borne catalysts) and filters’ onboard monitoring units.

VERT® Filter List

The VERT Filter List is an international industrial standard, listing VERT-approved diesel particulate filter systems. The Filter List is regularly updated, as new filter systems become approved.

While not legally binding, this VERT standard has become a part of several legally binding codes in many countries, where regulations have required the use of a “Best Available Technology” for the control of emissions from internal combustion engines.

VERT Association

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