Full range of highly accurate meters to measure the opacity of diesel engines under SAE J1667 and many different test criteria:

  • Portable equipment for vehicles: trucks, buses, cars... even locomotives!
  • In-line systems for use in engine dynamometer systems.
  • Transmissometers used in the stacks of ships and industrial applications.

Model RHW 1.0: Remote Wireless Smoke Opacity Meter

Wager is proud to offer a new remote handheld wireless smoke opacity meter. Details of the RHW 1.0 include:

  • Meets or exceeds all requirements of SAE J1667
  • Now available for sale in states where R.P.M. oil temperature are not a test requirement
  • Multiple wireless channels available
  • Channels may be changed on the printer, hand controller, and sensor head
  • Large bright alpha numeric color display (320 × 240 pixels)
  • Partial flow measurement technology
  • Self-calibration microcontroller-based operation
  • Menu driven operation for ease of use
  • Ability to search stored records in multiple fields
  • User can verify system accuracy with the verification filter
  • Test facility information stored and printed on test reports
  • Ability to read atmospheric temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure

In-Line System

Easy calibration and alignment. Surface mount and micro-processor technology.

  • Path length 22 inches to 6 foot (maximum)
  • Multiple retransmission outputs, 4-20 mA standard
  • Output in opacity, 0-100%
  • Corrects for ambient temperature and various levels of ambient light
  • Analog output and reset switch at the stack for diagnostics and alignment
  • Performs self-calibration and diagnostics

Model 6500: Full Flow and Partial Flow

Perform “snap idle” or test under load with this lightweight portable unit.

  • Highly Reliable and Accurate
  • Easy to Operate
  • Low Maintenance
  • Very Light and Portable
  • Available in Export Version (220 V)

Model 7500: Full Flow and Partial Flow

The software provides simple screen prompts to step the user through the process. Fully equipped for SAE J1667 plus rolling and stall test. Many other special features. Three live sensor input connections with three additional available for future expansion.

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