DieselNet FAQ

About DieselNet

What is DieselNet?

DieselNet is an independent online information service covering technical and business information on diesel engines, emissions, fuels, and other technologies required by the clean and efficient diesel engines of the future. With a technical focus, DieselNet is addressed to engineers, researchers and students working with diesel engines, as well as to diesel engine users who deal with emission problems. We would like to focus on practical knowledge and information which would be useful for solving real life emission problems.

DieselNet is supported by our subscribers and by industrial sponsors. If you consider DieselNet to be a useful internet site we welcome your support by subscription and/or sponsorship.

Who publishes DieselNet?

DieselNet has been developed and is published by Ecopoint Inc.—an engineering consultancy specializing in internal combustion engines and emission control technologies. Ecopoint is located in Canada and incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Registered name:Ecopoint Inc.
DBA name:Ecopoint DieselNet
Address:6-2400 Dundas St. West, Mississauga ON  L5K 2R8, Canada
Phone:+1 905 990-0775

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