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DME as Automotive Fuel

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BioDME Consortium

BioDME 2008

European consortium to demonstrate the production of DME from black liquor, and to utilize it as transportation fuel.
RENEW Subproject 3

EU RENEW Project

Documents form a project to produce DME/methanol from black liquor.
International DME Association

IDA, The Netherlands

Web site of IDA—an industry association formed to promote dimethyl ether as automotive fuel and in other applications. The site includes some technical information on DME, calendar of relevant meetings and conferences, and links to other DME resources on the internet.
DME Project


Information on various uses of DME from Japan’s JFE-Holdings (formerly NKK Corporation). Includes technical papers.
DME Technology

Haldor Topsoe

DME page from Haldor Topsoe. Includes information on DME production and DME properties.
DME as a Transportation Fuel

Danish Road Safety & Transport Agency, July 2001

Report from a Danish DME project by Haldor Tops?e.
A Study of Dimethyl Ether (DME) as an Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engine Applications

Transport Canada, May 2001

A government/industry cooperative study investigating the feasibility of developing a cost-effective, low-emissions fuel system for dimethyl ether (DME) for use in compression ignition (CI) engines.