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Siemens Diesel Systems Technology moves to South Carolina

16 June 1999

Siemens Diesel Systems Technology, LLC, a joint venture company formed by Siemens Automotive Corporation, Auburn Hills, MI, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Navistar International Corp., Chicago, IL, announced today the selection of a manufacturing site located in Richland County, SC.

Siemens Diesel Systems Technology, LLC represents a combined capital investment of approximately $100 million. Fifty people are expected to be hired during the start-up phase. The operation will create up to 500 new jobs by Oct. 1, 2004.

In order to bring new diesel fuel injection technology to the North American market, Siemens Diesel Systems Technology, LLC, will temporarily locate operations in an existing 70,000-square-foot facility located near the Interstate 77 corridor, in Columbia, SC, until a new facility can be erected in the neighboring region at a later date. Move-in and set-up of the JV operation will begin on July 1.

Siemens Diesel Systems Technology, LLC was formed by Siemens Automotive Corporation and Navistar to develop and manufacture next generation diesel fuel injectors for diesel engines, designed and manufactured by Navistar. Diesel engines equipped with the new technology will be used in International(R) brand trucks and school buses and by OEMs in other applications. This fuel injection system is part of Navistar's "Green Diesel Technology."

The joint venture, of which Siemens Automotive Corporation owns 51%, will develop and manufacture low-pressure, common-rail digital valve fuel injectors for use in diesel fuel systems designed and manufactured by Navistar's Engine and Foundry Division. The diesel injector incorporates proprietary digital valve technology under license from Sturman Engine Systems, L.L.C.

This fuel injection system is scheduled to be ready for commercial use by the 2002 model year and is designed to increase engine performance and to lower emissions. Production levels are expected to reach four million injectors per year by 2005.

Other Siemens facilities in South Carolina include a Siemens Energy & Automation plant in Roebuck, along with Emitec, a joint venture plant between GKN and Siemens, in Greenville, SC. Siemens employs 66,000 people throughout the USA.

Source: Siemens


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