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Aquazole water-diesel fuel emulsion to enter North American market

9 September 2002

TotalFinaElf, an oil company headquartered in France, announced the verification of Aquazole, a water-diesel fuel emulsion, as an Alternative Diesel Fuel by the California Air Resources Board (ARB). The Aquazole emulsion has been verified to provide emission reductions of 16% for nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 60% for diesel particulate matter (PM). The verification was issued by the ARB on 6 August 2002.

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Aquazole is a “water in fuel” emulsified blend which has been developed by TotalFinaElf in Europe. The fuel has been tested in various European locations for over five years. According to the manufacturer, at the end of 2001 over 1,000 trucks and buses were running on Aquazole.

Aquazole is the second water-fuel emulsion verified by the ARB. In January 2001, the ARB verified the PuriNOx emulsion by Lubrizol to provide a NOx reduction of 14% and PM reduction of 62.9%.

TotalFinaElf has worked with The Adept Group, Inc., a Los Angeles engineering firm, to secure the ARB verification. The Adept Group is currently looking for suitable North American sites and partners for field demonstrations of Aquazole. TotalFinaElf seeks to license the Aquazole technology to qualified US and Canadian entities.

ARB verifications of water-fuel emulsions confirm the expected emission reduction levels. The verifications do not address possible impacts of emulsified fuels on engine durability or performance.

Source: TotalFinaElf