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DDC 2010 engines receive EPA emission certification

29 January 2010

Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) received emission certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its 2010 engines with urea-SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology. The engines of DDC, a Daimler Company, are intended for use in heavy-duty trucks.

The SCR technology is used under the name BlueTec at Daimler Trucks. The BlueTec-equipped DD13, DD15, and DD16 engines from DDC also improve fuel efficiency by up to 5% compared to the engines from 2007.

DDC is the thrid major truck engine manufacturer to receive EPA certification for its 2010 engines, following Volvo and Cummins. All three manufacturers selected SCR technology for NOx control.

The engine- and vehicle-development engineers at Daimler Trucks collaborated on this technology, applying their European experience. Daimler, one of the early advocates of the SCR technology, launched Euro IV and Euro V SCR-equipped trucks in Europe in 2005. Since that time, more than 260,000 trucks and buses with BlueTec have hit the road in Europe.

Source: Daimler