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GE and Umicore to commercialize lean NOx catalyst

25 March 2010

GE and Umicore announced they have completed a Technology Transfer and signed a Technology License agreement to commercialize a hydrocarbon selective lean NOx catalyst (HC-LNC) aftertreatment designed to control diesel NOx emissions for various transportation and stationary applications. Umicore and GE intend to offer the catalyst to customers in the off-highway and on-road vehicle segments, marine segments, and stationary power markets.

Working with GE Global Research and its partners over the past year, Umicore has been developing the GE catalyst material in terms of production readiness, performance and durability. The two companies are now optimizing the commercial scale production of the material.

The GE lean NOx catalyst system, also referred to as hydrocarbon selective catalytic reduction (HC-SCR), can use diesel fuel or E85 biofuel as the reductant. The system is being developed as an alternative to the urea-based SCR technology, which requires a dedicated reductant fluid. No technical details were disclosed on the LNC catalyst technology or the system performance.

GE has been developing the lean NOx catalyst technology since 2001 as a possible solution for meeting US Tier 4 locomotive emission standards. Last year, Tenneco has been awarded a development contract for the system for GE locomotive projects.

Source: GE