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New instrument measures PM distribution in particulate filters

8 April 2010

Advantest Corporation has launched a new 3D imaging analysis system, the TAS7000, which utilizes terahertz wave technology to perform nondestructive scans of targeted sample materials and deliver 3D visualization of results. The instrument is initially marketed to the automotive and heavy equipment industries, as a tool to perform quantitative analysis of PM distribution in diesel particulate filters. Additional future applications are anticipated in the industrial processing, chemicals, pharmaceutical, food, and biotechnology areas.

Without destroying samples, the TAS7000 spectroscopic analyzer delivers 3D visualizations of their interiors and analyzes the distribution of their constituents, structural defects, etc. The system utilizes an original terahertz imaging technology developed by Advantest in collaboration with Professor Kodo Kawase of Nagoya University. The TAS7000 relies on an ultra-short pulse femtosecond optical fiber laser technology for terahertz wave generation and detection, and utilizes a high-speed optical sampling technique of the terahertz wave. The analyzer enables broadband, high-resolution spectroscopic analysis up to a maximum analytical frequency of 3 THz.

In its initial application, the TAS7000 enables nondestructive visualization and quantitative analysis of particulate matter accumulated inside ceramic diesel particulate filters (DPF). The instrument scans samples with nondestructive terahertz radiation, and processes the transmitted terahertz waves with computed tomography (CT) methodology, achieving data-rich pictures of PM distribution within the DPF as well as changes to its internal structure. This information—inaccessible to previous imaging technologies—can be obtained due to the use of the terahertz waves which, in contrast to other regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, can penetrate various types of materials with moderate transmittance, allowing for analysis.

The basic system configuration of the TAS7000 can be customized to meet customers’ needs. For instance, the TAS7000’s design permits multiple channels to be installed in its generator and detector modules, making it suitable for production line inspection and other applications requiring parallel measurement functionality.

Advantest Corporation is a global supplier of automatic test equipment to the semiconductor industry. Founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1954, Advantest has subsidiaries worldwide, including Advantest America, Inc. based in Santa Clara, CA, and Advantest Europe GmbH based in Munich, Germany.

Source: Advantest