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Pegasor announces real time exhaust PM sensor

19 April 2010

Pegasor Ltd. of Tampere, Finland introduced a new, compact, continuously operating and real-time particulate matter (PM) sensor, PPS-M. The sensor can be installed at the point of measurement in engine exhaust without the need for complex sampling and dilution systems typically associated with other PM monitoring technologies. Production started in March and the first batch of 10 sensors was delivered to various customers by end of last month.

The PPS-M has been designed to enable continuous PM emission monitoring at low initial and lifecycle cost. The potential areas of application in vehicle emission measurements include engine test bench monitoring, on board vehicle monitoring, vehicle inspection, on board diagnostics (OBD), as well as measurements upstream and downstream of diesel particulate filters.

The PPS-M operates by electrostatically charging particles passing through the sensor and then measuring the current caused by the charged particles leaving the sensor. The flow-through design keeps the sensor clean for extended operation and low maintenance. The sensor reports data on both particle mass and particle number concentrations in real time, at a sampling rate of up to 100 Hz.

Source: Pegasor (PPS brochure)