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Delphi launches new, high pressure SCR dosing system

22 July 2010

Delphi Automotive announced a new selective catalytic reduction (SCR) urea dosing system for light-duty vehicles. The system injects urea solution into the SCR system at 2 MPa—up to four times the pressure in previous systems—which provides better mixing with exhaust gas and allows the catalyst to be close-coupled to the engine. Since the need for active catalyst warm-up strategies (such as through rapid engine warm up) is reduced, the system brings an added benefit of CO2 emission reduction of up to 1 g/km, according to Delphi.

The system consists of three basic modules:

Delphi emphasized a number of advantages of their new system:

Currently applicable to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, the technology is also being developed with higher flows to suit medium- and heavy-duty diesels. The system is intended for Euro 6, Tier 2 Bin 5 and corresponding Japanese regulations. The first production application of the Delphi SCR system is scheduled for 2012.

Source: Delphi


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