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ECS particulate filter with syngas regeneration listed on US EPA Emerging Technology List

20 July 2010

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has placed the Engine Control Systems’ (ECS) Actifilter SG—a diesel particulate filter (DPF) with syngas-supported regeneration—on the National Clean Diesel Campaign’s Emerging Technology List. The system utilizes a syngas generator by NxtGen of Richmond, BC and catalyst technology by Catalytic Solutions, ECS parent company.

Actifilter SG is an actively regenerated DPF system designed to reduce PM emissions from heavy-duty highway diesel engines manufactured from 1994 through 2006. The Actifilter SG incorporates a syngas generator to assist the regeneration process. The syngas (H2 + CO) is oxidized over an oxidation catalyst to create the heat necessary to regenerate the DPF. The Actifilter SG is designed for intra-city medium duty trucks and buses where the passive regeneration of a DPF is impeded by low exhaust temperatures due to low vehicle speeds and frequent stops. The system can be installed on engines with exhaust gas temperature above 220°C for at least 50% of the duty cycle. The filter is projected to reduce PM emissions by 90% and HC and CO emissions by 80%.

The Emerging Technology program supports early deployment of new technologies that have not yet completed the EPA verification testing. Actifilter SG fleet trials on urban buses and delivery trucks have currently accumulated more than 5,000 hours of combined service. Funds for these fleet trials and a portion of the Actifilter SG development were provided by Cenovus Energy’s Environmental Opportunity Fund and by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (STDC).

Source: US EPA | ECS