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China Yuchai delivers first National V diesel engines

22 November 2010

China Yuchai International announced that its first 50 diesel engines compliant with Chinese National V emission standards—which are based on Euro V—are in commercial operation in buses operated by Beijing Public Transportation. These diesel engines are part of an order for 100 National V compliant diesel engines awarded to China Yuchai’s main operating subsidiary, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company Limited (GYMCL).

This development officially marks the commercial entrance of National V emissions compliant engines. The National V engines, independently designed and developed by GYMCL, feature urea-SCR technology for NOx control. The new buses for Beijing Public Transportation were also to be fitted with particulate filters by the bus manufacturer.

The Beijing Public Transportation sets high standards for vehicle emissions as part of their engine procurement. In the past, the company imported diesel engines meeting National II, III and IV emissions standards due to the lack of domestically produced engines that could meet the standards.

Since 2007, Beijing Public Transportation has purchased more than 3,000 buses containing National IV engines produced by GYMCL.

Source: Yuchai