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Caterpillar launches Tier 4i generators

16 December 2010

Caterpillar announced the introduction of first diesel generator sets that meet US EPA Tier 4 interim emission standards. A unit powered by the C27 diesel engine is offered with electrical 60 Hz ratings of 800 ekW (standby) and 725 ekW (prime). Another 60 Hz unit powered by the Cat® C15 engine delivers 500 ekW (standby) and 455 ekW (prime).

The new C27 and C15 engines meet Tier 4i standards utilizing an “electronically controlled air management system” that enables decreased NOx output. The EPA regulated levels are met without the need for aftertreatment. The Tier 4i standards for diesel engines above 560 kW are 3.5 g/kWh NOx—down to 0.67 g in generators above 900 kW—and 0.10 g/kWh PM.

Both engines feature an ADEM™ A4 controller, air-to-air after cooler (ATAAC) cooling system and MEUI fuel system. The Caterpillar announcement indicates that the engines evolved from the ACERT technology, possibly suggesting that the electronic air management system involves Miller valve timing.

The generators also include Caterpillar's latest generator set controller—the EMCP 4. The state-of-the-art EMCP 4 delivers a more intuitive, user-friendly, interface/navigation than previous EMCP 3 models, as well as added flexibility to precisely match customer power requirements, Caterpillar said.

Source: Caterpillar