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Novvi announces first-ever 100% renewable base oils

28 May 2015

Novvi LLC, an Emeryville, California-based renewable oils company, unveiled two new 100% renewable base oil products—a 100% renewable polyalphaolefin (PAO) Group IV and a 100% renewable version of its NovaSpec Group III+ base oil. The new products represent the first ever 100% renewable oils, according to the company. Base oil is the base stock component of engine lubricating oils, before the addition of viscosity modifiers and additives.

Novvi is a joint venture of Amyris, Inc., a California-based developer of synthetic renewable fuels, and Cosan S.A. Industria e Comercio, a Brazilian sugar and ethanol company. The joint venture builds on Amyris’ biotechnology to produce targeted hydrocarbon molecules from plant sugar, and Cosan’s feedstock capabilities and distribution infrastructure.

Novvi’s 100% renewable PAO is a direct replacement for conventional Group IV PAO base oils derived from petroleum and natural gas, said the company. The 100% renewable NovaSpec complements Novvi’s Group III+ 50% renewable NovaSpec base oils. While made from plant sugars, the renewable base oils are composed of pure hydrocarbons and are compatible with conventional additive packages.

Novvi is now taking orders from its Houston, Texas plant and intends to scale production through strategic industry partnerships. Novvi is currently shipping NovaSpec base oil from the Texas plant to a range of customers in automotive, marine and industrial markets around the world, said the company.

Source: Novvi