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VERT: Clean diesel projects in Israel

25 July 2016

A number of clean diesel projects supported by the VERT Association are under way in Israel. Following the diesel retrofit in Haifa, low emission zones (LEZ) and retrofit programs are considered in other cities, including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Programs to reduce emissions from in-use diesel fleets are also developed at the national level.

These clean diesel activities as well as other topics—the health impacts of diesel nanoparticles, aftertreatment technology, particle measurement equipment and methods, and DPF retrofit experiences around the world—were discussed at a Workshop on Nanoparticle Emissions from Heavy-Duty Vehicles, held on June 21, 2016 at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa. The workshop was co-organized by VERT.

The workshop was attended by researchers and experts in the field of combustion generated nanoparticles, representatives of the Israeli government, as well as a number of Technion students. The workshop was accompanied by an exhibition with the presence of leading suppliers of nanoparticle measurement equipment, diesel particulate filters and data logger systems.

During the workshop, Yisrael Dancziger, the general director of the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection, and Yona Yahav, the Mayor of Haifa, discussed plans to mitigate diesel emissions and improve air quality at the local and national level. The Haifa low emission zone is expected to be active by the end of 2016. The LEZ will cover all of the Haifa municipal area except Haifa industrial area. Under the considered Haifa LEZ rules, diesel vehicles below the Euro VI standard would not be allowed in the low emission zone.

In addition, there is a national plan to gradually reduce emissions from in-use diesel vehicles. The first vehicles that are included in the plan are garbage collection trucks, which will be eligible for up to 80% in subsidies for DPF retrofits. DPF retrofits of public transportation buses are also expected to begin in the coming months.

Source: VERT Association