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EU proposes to postpone NRMM Stage V emission standards due to Covid-19 crisis

8 June 2020

Responding to the concerns of European nonroad machinery manufacturers, the European Commission has proposed to postpone the transition engine deadlines of the Stage V emission standards. Under a proposal released last week, the dates for producing and placing on the market of nonroad mobile machinery (NRMM) and tractors fitted with transition engines will be postponed by twelve months.

Under the Stage V NRMM emission regulation, manufacturers have until 30 June 2020 to produce NRMM fitted with “transition engines” meeting the previous, Stage IV emission standards. Manufacturers then have until 31 December 2020 to place these machines on the EU market.

However, the Covid-19 crisis has caused interruptions in the supply of parts and components, leaving manufacturers with stocks of engines and unfinished products. The consequence of this disruption is that many engines and machinery manufacturers will not be able to meet the above Stage V deadlines without sustaining serious economic damage, said the Commission.

In the light of this disruption, the dates for producing and placing of the market of NRMM and tractors fitted with transition engines are to be postponed by twelve months. The extension of 12 months is warranted given the seasonality of the goods in which transition engines will be fitted, said the Commission. In addition, it is difficult to predict the exact duration of the delays that will be suffered for the completion of the impacted goods.

To become law, the proposal must be approved by the European Parliament.

Source: European Commission