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Sensors introduces SEMTECH® CPN 23|10, a 10 nm particle counter

24 September 2020

Sensors Inc. announced the introduction of its new SEMTECH® CPN 23|10, a particle number counter with a particle size range extended down to 10 nm. This device is switchable, allowing the user to change the desired range between 23 nm and 10 nm with a pneumatic/software selection.

The extended range of the new instrument was confirmed by testing with Ricardo Energy & Environment.

“This innovative device allows our customers to understand the challenges presented by current and future regulations and to develop systems that meet those challenges well in advance of their implementation,” says David Booker, Chief Technical Officer, Sensors, Inc. Current SEMTECH® CPN modules may be conveniently upgraded during annual maintenance/calibration.

This new SEMTECH® feature is available as an option with the SEMTECH® CPN, or as an upgrade to SEMTECH® CPN modules currently in the field.

The European particle number (PN) measurement procedure has been re-evaluated under the EU-sponsored DownTo10 program. Modified sampling and measurement methodology has been developed that can account for particles smaller than the current 23 nm (d50) cut-off point, for both laboratory (CVS) and RDE (PEMS) measurements. The 10 nm procedure is expected to be implemented as an Euro 6 amendment or at the Euro 7 stage.

Source: Sensors