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Ricardo: E-fuels better focused on aviation and shipping rather than road

10 December 2020

A new report produced by Ricardo and commissioned by the Brussels-based clean transport lobbying group T&E shows that the use of synthesized e-fuels should be prioritized for shipping and aviation ahead of road transport, where other forms of electrification are more effective.

The report investigates whether a number of potential decarbonization pathways are achievable within the limits of supply side constraints such as the renewable energy generation potential of the European Union.

The following were among the key messages for policy makers concerning specific modes of transport:

Analysis of the costs of hydrogen production and transportation showed that significant cost penalties are incurred when the hydrogen needs to be processed for bulk transportation (whether in liquid form or converted to ammonia). This means that:

Geert De Cock, electricity and energy manager at T&E, said: “The EU has the renewable electricity potential to achieve economy-wide decarbonization, but the scale of the challenge should not be underestimated. The choices we make today could have massive repercussions on power demand in the future.”

Source: Ricardo