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ACEA releases 2021 Oil Sequences for Light-duty Engines

11 May 2021

ACEA released European Oil Sequences 2021 for light-duty engines [5135], replacing the 2016 version. The ACEA Oil Sequences 2021, published on 30 April 2021, address the needs of new engines and powertrains that are being developed to improve fuel efficiency and deliver higher performance.

Today, the main light-duty engine technologies are gasoline and diesel direct injection (DI) turbocharged engines complemented with stop/start strategies, hybrid and electric technology. Consequently, ACEA members that manufacture light-duty vehicles are introducing new engine tests in two new engine oil Categories to ensure base protection and performance for modern engine hardware.

The 2021 ACEA light-duty oil sequences contain five new tests, one successor test, while two engine tests are deleted.

New claims can be made against the 2021 oil sequences as from 1 May 2021. From 1 May 2022 onwards, the 2021 ACEA light-duty oil sequences are mandatory for all new claims.

Because the heavy-duty oil sequences have not yet been competed, ACEA decided to split the light-duty and the heavy-duty sequences into two separate documents. ACEA has published an updated version of the 2016 heavy-duty oil sequences, and intends to publish the 2021 heavy-duty oil sequences “no earlier than June 2021”.

Source: ACEA