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Wager announces updated 6500+ Smoke Opacity Meter

26 May 2021

The Wager Company announced an upgraded version of their Model 6500 opacity meter. The 6500 Smoke Opacity Meter has a long history with the Wager Company—it has been used for decades in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world to provide a simple and accurate measurement of diesel smoke opacity in diesel trucks, locomotives, and other applications.

Wager said it has made the investment to upgrade the 6500 system for the future. The new 6500+ Smoke Opacity Meter is a seamless transformation from its 6500 predecessor to an upgraded portable system featuring a totally refreshed internal design with the latest components and technologies.

[6500+ smoke opacity meter]
Wager 6500+ Smoke Opacity Meter in partial flow configuration

The upgraded 6500+ version features a redesigned electronic circuitry, with robust, industrial grade components for longer durability. Wager has also improved the durability of the cabling.

In addition, the company is launching new accessories to compliment the new 6500+. Now available is a new rugged exhaust stand. This stand is fully adjustable and will help to expedite testing for vehicles with lowered tail pipes—a useful feature for testing at vehicle inspection stations.

The 6500+ opacity meter is available in three configurations: as a full flow, partial flow, or in-line instrument. A separate version, the 6500+ RR, is offered for railroad locomotive applications. More information is available from the Wager website.

Founded in 1933, Wager Company is a family owned and operated business spanning four generations. Wager offers a wide range of emission testing equipment to accurately detect and measure the opacity of smoke emitted by diesel engines. Wager smoke meters have been widely used in state inspection and maintenance (I&M) programs for heavy-duty vehicles, by diesel truck fleets, by engine repair shops, as well as by emission testing laboratories.

Source: Wager Company


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