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EU Parliament votes on 100% CO2 reduction target for cars by 2035

9 June 2022

In a plenary vote, the European Parliament has supported the Commission proposal for a EU fleet-wide target to reduce tailpipe CO2 emissions from new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (‘vans’) by 100% by 2035—effectively a ban on the sale of vehicles powered by combustion engines. Intermediate emissions reduction targets for 2030 would be set at 55% for cars and 50% for vans, relative to 2021.

The text, a part of the ‘Fit for 55’ package, was adopted with 339 votes in favor, 249 against, and 24 abstentions.

Rapporteur Jan Huitema (Renew, NL) said: “An ambitious revision of CO2-standards is a crucial part of reaching our climate targets. With these standards, we are creating clarity for the car industry and can stimulate innovation and investments for car manufacturers. In addition, purchasing and driving zero-emission cars will become cheaper for consumers. I am thrilled that the European Parliament has backed an ambitious revision of the targets for 2030 and supported a 100% target for 2035, which is crucial to reach climate neutrality by 2050.”

The adopted Parliament’s position must be now negotiated with the Member States before it becomes law.

The adopted position also includes the following measures:

The adopted text has been criticized by automotive OEMs. The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) said in a statement that the automobile industry is in the midst of a wide push for electric vehicles, “but given the volatility and uncertainty we are experiencing globally day-by-day, any long-term regulation going beyond this decade is premature at this early stage. Instead, a transparent review is needed halfway in order to define post-2030 targets.”

Source: EU Parliament