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Emission Test Cycles

CUEDC (Diesel)

Time-speed data points: MC | NA | NB | ME | NC | NCH

Development of the Composite Urban Emissions Drive Cycles (CUEDCs) was commissioned by the Australian National Environment Protection Commission in 1998 as part of the Diesel National Environment Protection Measure. Data was collected in Sydney, Australia. In 2005, a Petrol CUEDC was developed for light-duty gasoline vehicles.

CUEDCs were created with the intention to closely replicate actual Australian on-road urban driving. CUEDCs are used for chassis based dynamometer testing of both heavy and light vehicles. They are composed of four distinct drive cycle segments: congested, minor roads, arterial and highway. A set of the four CUEDC segments takes a total of about 30 minutes.

Different CUEDCs were developed for each of the major diesel powered vehicle categories ranging from off-road passenger vehicles and light goods vehicles to heavy combination vehicles. There are six CUEDC cycles, one for each of the six ADR vehicle categories: MC, NA, NB, ME, NC, NCH. These cycles are depicted in the following figure.

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Figure 1. Diesel CUEDC Cycles

(Source: Environment Australia)

Information for this article contributed in part by Dr Michael Yastreboff.