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Emission Test Cycles


Time-speed data points

The SC03 Supplemental Federal Test Procedure (SFTP) has been introduced to represent the engine load and emissions associated with the use of air conditioning (A/C) in vehicles certified over the FTP-75 test cycle. The SC03 is a chassis dynamometer test (Figure 1) performed with the vehicle A/C unit turned on, at a lab temperature of 95°F (35°C).

Figure 1. SFTP SC03 Test Cycle

The cycle represents a 3.6 mile (5.8 km) route with an average speed of 21.6 miles/h (34.8 km/h), maximum speed 54.8 miles/h (88.2 km/h), and a duration of 596 seconds.

Since model year 2008, the SC03 results are also used for the determination of the EPA on-road fuel economy ratings using the EPA 5-cycle method.