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Emission Test Cycles

Japanese 10-15 Mode

Time-speed data points

The 10-15 mode cycle had been used in Japan for emissions and fuel economy testing for light duty vehicles. Over the period of 2008-2011, the test was gradually replaced by the newer JC08 cycle.

The 10-15 Mode test is derived from the 10 mode cycle by adding another 15-mode segment of a maximum speed of 70 km/h. Emissions are expressed in g/km [Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Association, JISHA 899, 1983].

The entire cycle includes a sequence of a 15 minute warm-up at 60 km/h, idle test, 5 minute warm-up at 60 km/h, and one 15-mode segment, followed by three repetitions of 10-mode segments and one 15-mode segment. Emissions are measured over the last four segments (3×10-mode + 1×15-mode, Figure 1).

Figure 1. 10-15 Mode Cycle

The distance of the cycle is 4.16 km, average speed 22.7 km/h, duration 660 s (or 6.34 km, 25.6 km/h, 892 s, respectively, including the initial 15 mode segment).