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Emission Test Cycles

Japanese JE05 Cycle

Time-speed data points: JE05

Japanese 2005 emission standards introduced new JE05 emission test cycle (also known as ED12) for heavy vehicles of gross vehicle weight (GVW) above 3,500 kg. The JE05 cycle is a transient test based on Tokyo driving conditions, applicable to diesel and gasoline vehicles.

The JE05 test is defined through vehicle speed vs. time points, as shown in the following chart. The duration of the test is approximately 1800 s, the average speed is 26.94 km/h, and the maximum speed is 88 km/h.

Figure 1. JE05 Test Cycle for Vehicles > 3,500 kg GVW

For engine dynamometer testing, engine torque-speed-time data must be generated based on the vehicle speed points. Computer programs to generate the torque-speed data for both gasoline and diesel engines have been provided by the Japanese Ministry of Environment (see Test Cycles links).