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Emission Test Cycles

Neighborhood Refuse Truck Cycle

Time-speed data points

The Neighborhood Refuse Truck Cycle was developed by the US DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) for the US EPA Smartway program. It is a chassis test cycle (Figure 1) representing the operation of a truck with automatic side loader.


Figure 1. Neighborhood Refuse Truck Cycle

Selected parameters of the test are:

  • Distance: 9.66 km = 6.0 miles
  • Average speed: 18 m/s = 65 km/h = 40 mph
  • Maximum speed: 26.8 m/s = 96.6 km/h = 60.0 mph

The cycle incorporates aggregated “stem” travel to and from collection route.

Acknowledgement: Information for this article contributed in part by NREL.