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Emission Control Components & Materials

ACS Industries
Catalytic converter and particulate filter support meshes—Compressed wiremesh seals—Wiremesh products for automotive and industrial applications

Homogeneous ceramic honeycomb SCR catalysts—Catalyst characterization—Catalyst testing and analysis services

CPK Automotive GmbH
Aftertreatment control & monitoring—Active regeneration & HC dosing—Data logging

DCL International
Metallic catalyst substrates—Catalyst coating—Substrate canning and exhaust system assembly

Emitec Inc.
Metallic catalyst substrates—SCR urea dosing systems

Johnson Matthey
Diesel and automotive catalysts—Catalytic mufflers—DeNOx and SCR catalysts for stationary engines—Industrial VOC control catalysts

Landson Emission Technologies
Silicon carbide (SiC) diesel particulate filter substrates

LiqTech A/S
Silicon carbide (SiC) diesel particulate filter substrates

Industrial engine exhaust catalyst: NSCR, SCR and DPF—Exhaust silencers—Air/fuel ratio controllers—RICE NESHAP monitors—Turnkey installation service, project management, onsite services and training

Proventia Emission Control
SCR urea mixers—Thermal insulation systems

Umicore Automotive Catalysts
Diesel and automotive catalysts—SCR catalysts—Lean NOx catalysts—Diesel Particulate Filters

3M Automotive DivisionUSA
ACS Industries, Inc.USA
Adaptive Equipment, Inc.USA
AirFlow Catalyst SystemsUSA
Almatis Inc. Germany
Amminex Emissions Technology A/SDenmark
Applied CatalystsUSA
Applied Ceramics, Inc. (ACI)USA
Aristo CatalystsUSA
Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.Japan
BASF Corporation, Catalysts DivisionUSA
Beijing Ander Technologies Co.,LtdChina
Bekaert NVBelgium
Benecor Inc.USA
Brenntag North America, Inc. USA
Buck Techn. Strickerei-ProdukteGermany
Cervantes-Delgado, Inc.USA
Clariant Corporation: Catalysis & EnergyUSA
Colonial Chemical CompanyUSA
Corning Inc.USA
CPK Automotive GmbH & Co. KGGermany
CTI s.a.France
Custom Ag Formulators, Inc.USA
Denso Corporation, Ceramics Dept.Japan
Ecocat OyFinland
EmeraChem LLCUSA
Emitec GmbHGermany
Engineered Materials Solutions, Inc.USA
Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte LtdSingapore
Excalibre Technologies LtdUK
Filter Sensing Technologies, Inc.USA
GoNano TechnologiesUSA
Grundfos NoNOx A/SDenmark
Haldor Topsøe A/SDenmark
Heesung CatalystsKorea
Hess Industries, Inc.USA
Hi TecMetal GroupUSA
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.Japan
Hypercat Advanced Catalyst Products (ACP)USA
IBIDEN Co., LtdJapan
Interkat Katalysatoren GmbHGermany
Johnson MattheyUSA
Khancera Co., LimitedKorea
Knitwire Products Ltd. UK
Landson Emission Technologies A/SDenmark
LiqTech International A/SDenmark
MEL ChemicalsUK
Metal Textiles CorporationUSA
Molycorp, Inc.USA
Multronic sa-nv.Belgium
Nanox Inc.Canada
NGK-Locke, Inc.USA
Nichias CorporationJapan
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Materials USA, Inc.USA
Notox Ceramic Filters A/SDenmark
Performance Industries Inc.USA
Persistence Heating Alloy LtdChina
PGP Industries Inc. (Heraeus)USA
Physitron GmbHGermany
Rauschert GmbH & Co. KGGermany
Sachtleben Chemie GmbHGermany
Saffil LimitedUK
Saint-Gobain Industrie Keramik Rodental GmbHGermany
Sasol North America Inc., Ceralox Div.USA
Shaw DevelopmentUSA
Solvay RhodiaFrance
Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.Japan
Sunny Metal (NA), Inc.USA
Synergy CatalystUSA
Tennant LimitedAustralia
Terra Environmental TechnologiesUSA
Tianjiao InternationalUSA
TotalCat GroupUSA
Treibacher Industrie AGAustria
Trunett Environmental Tech. Co., Ltd.China
Umicore AG & Co. KGGermany
Unifrax CorporationUSA
Vconverter CorporationUSA
W.R. Grace & Co.USA
Xi'an Filter Metal Materials Co., Ltd.China
Yara International ASANorway