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Environmental and Health Impact From Modern Cars

Swedish National Road Administration, May 2002 (PDF)

A comparison of regulated and a number of unregulated emissions from gasoline and diesel cars. Report authored by Peter Ahlvik of Ecotraffic.
Fine Particle (Nanoparticle) Emissions on Minnesota Highways

MN DOT, Report #2001-12, May 2001 (PDF)

Results of a study by the University of Minnesota Center for Diesel Research. The report authored by D. Kittelson, W. Watts, and J. Johnson.
Emissions of Ultrafine Particles from Different Types of Light Duty Vehicles

Swedish National Road Administration, January 2001 (PDF)

This report evaluates the emissions from 45 different light duty vehicles (cars, vans and pickups) including direct injected turbocharged diesel engines and three types of gasoline engines: spark ignited and naturally aspirated (SI NA), spark ignited and turbocharged (SI turbo) and spark ignited and direct injected (SI DI).
Measurement of the number and mass weighted size distributions of exhaust particles emitted from european heavy duty engines

CONCAWE Report 01/51, January 2001 (PDF)

This study investigates the measurement of the mass and the number of heavy duty automotive particle emissions and their related size distributions. Limited additional test work has investigated the effect of sampling and measurement conditions on these distributions. Two engines representing Euro 2 and Euro 3 technology were examined, using a selection of diesel fuels representative of European market quality.
Hybrid-Electric Drive Heavy-Duty Vehicle Testing Project

Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium, February 15, 2000 (PDF)

Report from an experimental study comparing in-use emission levels from natural gas, hybrid diesel-electric, and conventional diesel urban buses.

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Reports and Studies on Emissions of Air Pollutants

European Commission, Environment DG

Reports on studies within the field of air pollution from mobile sources initiated or financed/co-financed by Environment Directorate General (former DGXI) of the European Commission.
Particulate Matter Research Activities

Health Effects Institute

A database of current research activities on particulate matter in the U.S. and other countries. Covers ambient aerosols from all sources, including emissions from internal combustion engines.