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Comparison Study of Particle Measurement Systems for Future Type approval Application

EMPA, May 2003

Report of the Swiss contribution to the European Particle Measurement Programme (PMP).
Diesel Aerosol Sampling Methodology (E-43)

CRC, August 2002

A comprehensive study funded by the Coordinating Research Council (CRC) and conducted by the University of Minnesota, with a goal to develop laboratory diesel aerosol sampling methods that would produce particle size distributions similar to those obtained under real-world roadway conditions. Includes numerous findings on the characterization of nanoparticle emissions from diesel engines.
UK Particle Measurement Programme: Heavy-Duty Methodology Development

Ricardo, July 2002

Final report from the first phase of the UK contribution to the European Particle Measurement Programme—An investigation into methodologies for the measurement of particulates from heavy duty engines.
Literature Study on Tailpipe Particulate Emission Measurement for Diesel Engines

Heinz Burtscher, March 2001

A report for the Particle Measurement Programme (PMP) for BUWAL/GRPE reviews available methods for measuring several PM characteristics, such as mass, number, size distribution, surface, etc.
Experimental assessment of particulate measurement instrumentation

European Commission, Environment DG, January 1999

The European Commission, Environment DG, sponsored study, undertaken by AEA Technology in the UK, to formulate preliminary recommendations for the development of light duty vehicle type approval protocols incorporating size-related particulate measurements.
Formation of Nanoparticles During Exhaust Dilution

D.B. Kittelson and I. Abdul-Khalek, UMN, January 18-20, 1999 (PDF, 226KB)

A discussion of factors that influence the nucleation of nanoparticles in the dilution tunnel during diesel particulate matter measurements.
Review Of Diesel Particulate Matter Sampling Methods

UMN CDR, Final Report, January 14, 1999

A series of reports from a study sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Project objectives were: (1) to critically evaluate methods used in diesel test laboratories to determine diesel particulate matter size distributions, (2) to evaluate methods and data resulting from recent roadway studies to determine diesel particulate matter size distributions, (3) to examine the relationship between methods used for laboratory dilution and the actual atmospheric dilution process, (4) to recommend the best current method(s) and to identify areas requiring further research.
The Inspection of In-Use Cars in Order to Attain Minimum Emissions of Pollutants and Optimum Energy Efficiency

EC Environment DG, May, 1998

A study, sponsored by European Commission, to investigate and develop a cost-effective procedures for the inspection of in-use passenger cars in terms of their actual emissions and fuel consumption. Procedures for both gasoline and diesel cars were investigated.