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U.S. EPA Dynamometer Driver’s Aid


Information, including speed-time data points, on a number of regulatory vehicle test cycles from the USA, EU and Japan.
U.S. EPA Nonregulatory Nonroad Duty Cycles


Data on EPA nonregulatory, nonroad duty cycles for equipment such as agricultural tractors, backhoe loaders, crawlers tractors, excavators, etc.
SAE: Snap-Acceleration Smoke Test Procedure For Heavy-Duty Diesel Powered Vehicles

SAE J1667 (from California ARB, pdf)

Full text of the SAE Recommended Practice for the measurement of smoke opacity from heavy-duty diesel vehicles.
NIOSH: Elemental Carbon (Diesel Particulate)

NIOSH NMAM Method 5040, Issue 3, 30 September 1999 (pdf)

NIOSH standard method for determination of diesel particulate exposures as elemental carbon.


New Transient Test Mode JE05 (ED12)

Japanese Ministry of Environment

Computer programs are provided in C++ and Fortran to calculate engine torque-speed-time points for dynamometer testing of gasoline and diesel engines, based on the JE05 vehicle speed-time points as defined in the regulation.