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Clean Fuels Technology receives California verification for emulsified diesel fuel

13 September 2003

Reno, NV-based Clean Fuels Technology, Inc. (CFT) received emission reduction verification from the California Air Resources Board (ARB) for the use of the company’s diesel fuel emulsion, Aquadyn™.

The Aquadyn water-fuel emulsion was verified to provide emission reductions for NOx and PM of 15% and 58%, respectively.

Emulsified diesel fuel is a stable mixture of diesel fuel with water and emulsifying and stabilizing additives. CFT emulsions are marketed for transportation and power generation (combustion turbines, boilers) applications. Depending on the application, the water content may vary from 8%-35%, with a typical 13% water formulation for diesel engine use.

The emulsion is produced in continuous flow blending units developed by CFT. The blending units combine water, petroleum and additives in a series of pumps, shear units and mixers to produce diesel, fuel oil and residual oil emulsions. Blending units can be located at fuel terminals, truck fleet sites, power plants, or refineries to produce required quantities of emulsified fuel.

The CFT emulsion is already being distributed in Europe and, most recently, by Shell Oil Company in Australia. The ARB verification opens the way for introduction of the emulsion in the California market, where Aquadyn will be eligible for funding under various state such as the Carl Moyer Program. CFT also said it would market the emulsion in Texas under the Texas Emissions Reduction Program (TERP).

The ARB verification was granted to after testing conducted in April 2003 at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas.

Other emulsified fuels verified in California include the Lubrizol’s PuriNOx and the Aquazole by TotalFinaElf.

CFT—formerly known as A-55—has been developing emulsified fuels since 1993. In the initial period, the development was conducted in cooperation with Caterpillar.

Source: Clean Fuels Technology