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John Deere introduces PowerTech 4.5L Tier 4 engine without DPF

18 April 2013

At the BAUMA show in Munich, John Deere introduced the PowerTech™ PWL 4.5L engine, which will meet Tier 4 final / Stage IV emission regulations without a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The 63 kW to 104 kW (85 hp to 140 hp) engine complements the John Deere lineup of Tier 4 / Stage IV nonroad diesel engines rated 36 kW to 448 kW (48 hp to 600 hp) announced earlier.

The PowerTech PWL 4.5L is equipped with an Integrated Emissions Control system consisting of selective catalytic reduction (SCR), a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology. Elimination of the DPF was enabled through combustion system optimization and improvements in SCR system conversion efficiency, said John Deere.

“We believe the elimination of the DPF will serve OEMs and end users well in the very competitive 56 kW to 104 kW (75 hp to 140 hp) segment, balancing packaging and product cost considerations with performance and operating cost requirements,” said John Piasecki, director of marketing, sales and customer support for John Deere Power Systems.

The introduction of the PowerTech PWL 4.5L engine represents the third Integrated Emissions Control system configuration John Deere will offer for Tier 4 final / Stage IV:

The introduction of the non-DPF engine represents a change in the John Deere emission strategy—initially, all John Deere diesel engines above 56 kW (75 hp) were to be equipped with SCR and a DPF. The move also represents a general industry trend, where Tier 4 / Stage IV emissions in medium-duty engines are met without particulate filters.

Other examples of SCR Tier 4 / Stage IV engines without particulate filters unveiled at the same BAUMA show include the QSF3.8 engine by Cummins or the Ecomax engines by JCB.

Source: John Deere