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BAE to supply 194 hybrid bus systems to Boston MBTA

4 January 2019

BAE Systems announced that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has ordered 194 diesel-electric hybrid buses using the BAE Systems Series-ER extended range hybrid propulsion system. The manufacturer of the buses and the financial terms were not disclosed.

The Series-ER system comes with a higher capacity battery, which enables up to 35% of daily miles in pure electric mode, according to BAE. The hybrid buses are propelled by an electric motor, with power provided from a battery system. The battery is recharged by an on-board generator set, using a downsized diesel engine, as well as by regenerative braking energy produced when the bus slows to a stop.

Boston plans to use the technology to drive through their tunnels with zero emissions.

In the second half of 2018, BAE secured orders to supply 497 hybrid powertrain systems to Transport Urbain du Quebec—an authority representing nine public transportation systems in Quebec—and 78 hybrid systems to Westchester County, New York. The diesel-electric buses are manufactured by Nova Bus and New Flyer, respectively.

BAE said it delivered a total of over 10,000 hybrid bus systems, with half of this number delivered in the past three years.

Source: BAE