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Faurecia to support existing fleets with Amminex retrofits

3 May 2019

Faurecia confirmed it will continue to support existing fleets with Amminex ASDS systems, and provided other clarifications in response to our article about Amminex in the April issue of DieselNet Update.

Due mainly to government incentives, cities are increasingly choosing electrified powertrain solutions or are promoting alternative fuels for their bus fleets, rather than retrofitting old urban diesel buses. As a result, Faurecia decided not to pursue SCR retrofits of urban buses using the Amminex ASDS ammonia delivery system.

The Amminex offices near Copenhagen are being closed down. The workforce reductions affect 58 out of Amminex 68 employees. However, Amminex will continue to operate its ASDS ammonia cartridges refilling operations, located in the Nyborg (Denmark) plant, in order to serve existing contracts with retrofitted fleets, said Faurecia.

The ASDS ammonia delivery system also remains “a key solution for Ultra Low NOx first fit applications in Faurecia Clean Mobility Commercial Vehicles portfolio”, said the company. The ASDS system for heavy-duty engines, for both the EU and North American markets, will be now developed in Faurecia technical centers in Europe. The company will no longer pursue light-duty applications of the system.

Amminex has developed an Ammonia Storage and Delivery System (ASDS™)—a solid ammonia storage technology that provided an alternative to the use of water-based urea solution (DEF/AdBlue) in SCR systems for the control of NOx emissions from diesel engines. The system utilizes replaceable cartridges that store NH3 in the form of solid strontium ammine, and release gaseous ammonia on demand via thermal desorption.

A retrofit SCR system utilizing the Amminex technology has been approved for the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London. Amminex targeted the sales of about 1,000 systems in London, and booked orders for several hundred systems, according to Faurecia.

Faurecia acquired Amminex in 2016.

Source: Faurecia