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MAN Engines releases first IMO Tier III engines for workboats

17 May 2019

MAN Engines—a business unit of MAN Truck & Bus—announced it is now offering 12-cylinder, IMO Tier III emission standards engines for workboats, spanning a power range from 551 to 1,213 kW. The engines are immediately available.

MAN 12-cylinder engine for IMO Tier III

This is particularly relevant, MAN said, to customers in Canada and the US East and West Coast Emission Control Areas (ECAs), who are now subject to regulatory NOx emission limits around 70% stricter than IMO Tier II. For customers in the North Sea and Baltic Sea ECAs, the Tier III mandatory limits will come into force on 1 January 2021.

Compliance with the IMO Tier III limits is achieved using MAN Engines’ modular exhaust gas aftertreatment (EAT) system, which incorporates and SCR catalyst for NOx control. The modular EAT allows for a range of installation possibilities, as the individual SCR catalytic converter components can be positioned differently, enabling flexible system integration tailored to specific customer needs.

MAN Engines has chosen the SCR technology “to avoid a complex exhaust gas recirculation system and heavy, bulky components like diesel particulate filters and oxidation catalytic converters,” said the company.

The IMO Tier III compliance solution is based on the expertise of MAN Truck & Bus SE. The Group has been using SCR systems in its own trucks in high-volume production since 2006. MAN Engines has also been fitting SCR systems in the agricultural and industrial sectors, where the technology has been in serial production since 2015 for in-line and V-engines.

Source: MAN Engines