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Joint Industry Guidance on the supply and use of 0.50%-sulfur marine fuel

21 August 2019

A number of shipping, refining, fuel supply and standards organizations have released a Joint Industry Guidance on the supply and use of 0.50%-sulfur marine fuel [4432]. The publication has been developed by experts from across shipping, refining, supply and testing of marine fuels.

The publication is designed to provide guidance for stakeholders across the marine fuels and shipping industries, from fuel blenders and suppliers to end users. Under IMO regulations, the global shipping industry will switch to fuels of maximum sulfur content of 0.50% (down from the current 3.5%) effective 1 January 2020.

The Guidance presents the specific safety and operational issues relating to the supply and use of max. 0.50%-sulfur fuels, an overview of fuel quality principles, and the controls that should be put in place to ensure that safety issues are identified, prevented and/or mitigated. It addresses issues such as fuel compatibility, fuel stability, and fuel handling and storage, and contains a comprehensive review of existing operational factors that can affect safety.

The key messages are:

The Guidance does not address issues related to compliance with Flag State, Port State or IMO rules or guidelines, or alternative means of compliance (e.g. Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems), and does not include a discussion of alternative fuels such as liquefied natural gas, hydrogen or methanol.

Source: CIMAC