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ACEA requests 6-month postponement of EU emission standards

6 July 2020

ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) has published a letter it sent on 18 June 2020 to the European Commission, requesting a 6-month postponement of key EU emission standards for light-duty vehicles and for heavy-duty engines due to the Covid-19 impacts on the auto industry.

Specifically, ACEA requested a postponement of Euro 6d TEMP deadlines for heavy vans and ambulances (currently 1 September 2020), Euro 6d ISC‐FCM (in-service conformity - fuel consumption meters) for passenger cars and light vans (currently 1 January 2021), Euro VI Step E for trucks, and the EU general safety regulation (clusters A and B).

ACEA provided two reasons for the emission standard postponement:

ACEA noted that other governments have postponed various emission requirements due to the COVID‐19 situation. These include the Chinese government who postponed the entry into force of the new particle number limit values for light‐duty vehicles in the China 6 emissions legislation by 6 months, and the Japanese government who decided to postpone the date to switch from emissions and CO2 tested on cycle JC‐08 to WLTP for existing models by three months.

Last month, the European Commission decided to prolong the existing end‐of‐series arrangements for nonroad mobile machinery.

Source: ACEA