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Daimler Truck unveils Freightliner SuperTruck II

6 February 2023

Daimler Truck North America (DTNA), a subsidiary of Daimler Truck, revealed the Freightliner SuperTruck II—a concept vehicle developed as part of the SuperTruck program co-funded by the US Department of Energy, which aims to improve efficiency of road freight transport.

DTNA is focused on developing new technologies for promising core components and systems to improve truck operating efficiency in the real world, the company said. Improved tractor aerodynamics, low-rolling resistance tires, powertrain improvements, and energy management with advanced technologies were identified as areas for technology innovation that could potentially enter production for customers in the future.

The aerodynamic drag of SuperTruck II has been reduced by more than 12% over SuperTruck I, which was introduced by DTNA in 2015. The starting point for the design of the SuperTruck II was the commercial Freightliner Cascadia truck. To maximize aerodynamic efficiency, a number of components have been redesigned, including the hood, bumper, chassis, the grille, air intakes, and doors. Active side extenders and a roof spoiler system close the trailer gap by up to 4 inches at highway speeds and an enhanced Aerodynamic Height Control lowers the truck just inches off the ground for additional aerodynamic improvements. The exterior mirrors have been replaced with a mirrorless camera system to further reduce aerodynamic drag of the SuperTruck II.

The SuperTruck II powertrain enables a 5.7% fuel consumption reduction over SuperTruck I. The truck is powered by a Detroit DD13 13-liter diesel engine that has been updated to optimize combustion, fuel delivery and timing for more torque at lower engine speeds and to reduce parasitic loads. Featuring a two-stage turbo for increased air flow at lower speeds and a 13-speed automated manual transmission, the powertrain can achieve lower downspeeding and greater fuel savings through reduced drag overdrive.

Another powertrain feature of SuperTruck II is a split cooling system that consists of high- and low-temperature circuits for cooling of the intake charge and EGR streams. These technologies result in further efficiency gains enabling more aggressive downspeeding.

A 48V electrical system using lithium-ion batteries allows for decreased fuel consumption and increased driver comfort features like a new electric air conditioning system that consumes 50% less energy than SuperTruck I and continues operations while the engine is turned off.

Adaptive tandem axles allow increased torque from the powertrain and automatically shift from 6×4 to 6×2 at highway speeds, which benefits the driver when maneuvering in low speed. DTNA collaborated with Michelin on the development of new tires specifically designed for adaptive tandem axles to reduce vehicle energy consumption, as well as to reduce maintenance downtime due to minimized wear and tear on the tires.

Source: Daimler Truck