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CIMAC releases new guideline on scuffing in two stroke engines

22 March 2023

CIMAC Working Group 8 “Marine Lubricants” has now published a new CIMAC Guideline on “The causes of scuffing and actions to prevent scuffing in two-stroke engines”. The publication is for guidance and gives an overview regarding the causes of scuffing and actions to prevent scuffing in two-stroke engines.

In 2020, IMO introduced a maximum 0.50% sulfur content limit in fuels for ships operating outside SOx-ECA, unless the ship is fitted with an exhaust gas scrubber. For most vessels, this meant a switch to operation on VLSFO (Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil with ≤0.50% S content). However, this transition was not without its complications and several operators reported a higher frequency of main engine scuffing events compared to previous years.

When ships started using VLSFO in 2020 and reported scuffing incidents, CIMAC working group Lubricants prepared and sent questionnaires to ship owners/operators to gather operational feedback regarding these incidents. The questionnaires found that two thirds of respondents reported lubrication-related problems while operating on VLSFO, the majority of which related to scuffing incidents.

Responses to CIMAC questionnaire on VLSFO operation (2020/21)

While the root causes of these scuffing incidents remains unresolved, the new Guidelines provide guidance to understand known factors contributing to scuffing, warning signs of scuffing and preventive/mitigation actions that can be taken.

Source: CIMAC