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Caterpillar adds two new industrial diesel engines

25 May 2023

Caterpillar announced the introduction of two new industrial diesel power units (IPU). The new engines are intended for construction, material-handling, and other off-highway applications in the 74 to 134 hp power range while meeting the emissions standards of higher regulated markets.

Now available from Cat® dealers in North America, Cat C2.8 and Cat C3.6 IPUs are equipped with factory-installed ECM sensors, radiators, cooling packs, filtration, control systems and aftertreatment hardware.

These new engines meet the emissions standards of EU Stage V, US EPA Tier 4 Final, China Non-road IV, Korea Stage V, and Japan 2014. With the addition of these power units, Caterpillar currently offers industrial engines from 48 to 950 hp addressing the emission standards of higher regulated markets.

Cat C2.8 and Cat C3.6 industrial diesel engines

The new Cat C2.8 and Cat C3.6 IPUs feature a common rail direct-injection design with a turbocharged C2.8 or turbocharged aftercooled C3.6 air system.

The ECM and aftertreatment hardware are mounted on the IPU and, along with the fuel filter, are validated to perform in harsh work environments, Caterpillar said. A new wiring harness has also been developed to allow for a simple hookup to machine wiring. For fast installation, an optional engine control panel for engine monitoring and speed control is also available.

Each IPU is equipped with an on-engine diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF), while the Cat C3.6 also has selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

For operations in challenging work conditions, the IPUs are available with heavy-duty cooling packs incorporating a pusher fan and erosion screen, as well as heavy-duty fuel filters with increased dirt-holding capacities.

Cat IPUs are compatible with renewable liquid fuels such as 100% hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

Source: Caterpillar