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Australia to adopt Euro 6 emission standards

29 December 2023

The Australian Government announced new emission standards for light-duty vehicles and changes to the Fuel Quality Standard.

Euro 6d emission standards (UN ECE Regulation 83, to be implemented via ADR79/05) will apply to:

Two fuel quality changes will be implemented, starting from December 2025, to enable the Euro 6 emission standards. The first change will reduce the level of aromatic hydrocarbons to a maximum of 35% in 95 RON (research octane number) petrol. The existing 91 and 98 RON petrol grades are not affected.

The second change will align the previously announced reduction of sulfur allowed in all petrol grades (91 RON, 95 RON, and 98 RON) with the start date of the new aromatics limit, i.e., December 2025. Under current fuel quality standards, the maximum level of sulfur content in petrol was to be lowered to 10 ppm from July 2027.

Diesel fuel specifications are not affected by the changes. A diesel fuel sulfur limit of 10 ppm has been effective in Australia since 2009.

Source: AU Minister for Infrastructure